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Medical Solutions Division


BNR TD Medical Solutions is a subsidiary of BNR Technology Development and has developed technology for the destruction of entrenched toe and fingernail fungi.  Present technologies which include drugs, creams, gels, laser treatment and surgical removal are generally ineffective, expensive and have long term treatment cycles.  Both unsightly and often painful, nail fungus is an almost intractable problem that affects over 20% of the population becoming increasingly common as age increases.  


The problem generally persists in patients for many years and often has both a physical and physiological impact upon those afflicted. BNR Technology has a patent pending process which can be conducted in a podiatrist’s office, typically in a single session, and which is producing long lasting results.


This patent pending technology  boasts the following features and benefits :


-    Rapid treatment times.

-    Cost effective.  

-    Drug free and non-invasive.

-    Painless.

-    Uses compact, portable equipment.

-    Does not require FDA approval.

Basic Background

BNR Medical Solutions has conducted proof of concept on a radically new approach for the destruction of nail based fungal disorders.


This technology will be commercially available and afford quick, cost effective treatment and provide a solution to a medical condition that is presently considered intractable.   

Medical Condition Description


Toe and fingernail fungal infections are a common occurrence.


A fungal nail infection occurs when a fungus attacks a fingernail, a toenail or the skin under the nail, called the nail bed.  Fungi can attack your nails through small cuts in the skin around your nail or through the opening between your nail and nail bed.


In the most common type of fungal nail infection, distal subungual onychomycosis, infection starts at the end of the nail bed, and part of the nail often turns yellow or white.


Pieces of skin and nail fragments (debris) accumulate under the nail. As the condition gets worse, the nail may crumble and split and may separate from the skin.


If you are healthy, a fungal nail infection probably won't cause serious problems but will look bad and may hurt or damage your nail or nail bed.  A fungal nail infection could lead to more serious problems if you have diabetes or a weak immune system.


A fungal nail infection will not go away and will worsen over time.  Fungal infections are hard to treat.  Treatment includes antifungal cream, lotion or nail polish lasers and surgical removal.  Antifungal pills give the best chance of curing a severe fungal nail infection but they cost a lot and can have serious side effects.  


Fungal nail infections often return or reoccur after almost all traditional treatments.

Signs and Symptoms


The most common initial sign is a change in appearance of the nail, noted by the appearance of an opacity in the nail or an actual color change as mentioned before.

The condition is not generally painful until it reaches the more advanced stages.


Other symptoms may include :


-    General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling

-    Swelling of the flesh of the involved toe(s)

-    Difficulty wearing certain shoes

-    Swollen areas adjacent to the involved toe(s)


Present Treatment


The goal of treatment is to cure the infection, save the infected item and prevent complications.


Common treatments include :


-    Drugs (Sporanox, Lamisil, Ketoconazole etc.)

-    Laser Treatment

-    Creams and Solutions (Formula #3, Penlac, Nova Nail, Fungi-nail etc)

-    Surgical removal, with or without root destruction

-    Treatment can also involve chemical rinses. (Betadine, Daikens Solution)


Antibiotics are not typically prescribed to fight the infection however, drug therapies are available.  These therapies come with warnings of liver damage and are only prescribed on the most severe cases.  Medical supervision is required.  If there is a severe infection, the complete nail is often removed or more radical (root destruction) surgery may be needed.  The nail needs to be kept as clean as possible during the entire time the nail re-grows.    


Many of these treatments have disadvantages including :


-    Cost

-    Medication side effects

-    Fungal resistance to antifungal.

-    Prolonged response time

-    Reinfection

-    Patient compliance and diligence due to the strict treatment regimen.

Presently for most patients, treatment is for cosmetic relief, rather than the expectation of a long term cure.  Many patients harbor the condition for years with hope for a complete cure.


Expectations (Prognosis)


While initial patient expectations are generally high and patients persevere with treatment therapy options for long periods, permanent cures are rare.  Expectations usually degenerate to attempts to limit the infection to the infected nails and to limit the spread to adjoining digits.

The BNR Solution.


The Theory


With an accredited podiatrist BNR TD has developed an external device using an electrical solution as an effective treatment for chronic and acute infections.  This technology is applicable for numerous parts of the body.  The present treatment goal is to destroy the fungal infection through an electrolytic process with no host damage.


This treatment is convenient and can be performed in the office setting.  Instrumentation and treating equipment is low cost and the patient does not require anesthesia.  Fungal destruction is immediate and toe repair and regrowth can begin immediately.


The Device


The device produces an anti-fungicidal effect.  The process kills the fungi in the soft and hard tissue.


The device has the following advantages over traditional treatments :


-    Small, compact portable unit.

-    Minimal training requirements.

-    No specific licensing and produces no radiation.

-    Durable

-    Non-invasive / Low risk

-    Readily accepted by patients.


Further Applications


The core BNR TD Medical Solution technology has numerous other potential applications which include dental disinfection, foot odor control, the potential treatment of abscess’s in diabetics, bacterial control in soft tissues with a potential application to treat flesh eating bacteria patients and sterilization in a host of liquids..


BNR Medical Solutions has conducted proof of concept testing and is now seeking an investment group to further develop this technology.

These milestones include :


-    Develop operating envelopes for the technology.

-    Develop a pre-production device that demonstrates manufacturing feasibility.

-    Confirm the fungal treatment success will apply in other arena.

-    Compile requirements for the regulatory development process (design control process/ appropriate documentation practices/ quality system conformance/ etc).

-    Seek Stage Two investors for outright purchase of the technology.


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